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This site is intended to help both the professional and the amateur chef. Our team of International Award Winning Chefs have combined their talents not only from the kitchen but also from the world of technology!

We have BIG PLANS here at EasyrecipesHQ.com We have our new site under development as we speak. The final bug tests are being done and we hope to unveil it soon, so stay tuned.

We also want you, our members, to ask questions and get involved with other like-minded individuals who are interested in all aspects of food. This could be from sharing your favourite recipe for cup cakes to showing us how you chill the smoothie that you make to that perfect temperature.

Here at EasyrecipesHQ.com we take health and diet very seriously. Chef Brendan is a type 1 diabetic, and so monitors his sugar intake at every meal. So with that in mind we will be also looking at how our foods affects our health with everything from weight loss to obesity, right across the spectrum.

Also we will be competing in international culinary competitions, you can follow along with us and watch our progress as we train the young chefs on our team to reach culinary nirvana and, hopefully, winning medals. Also remember that these young chefs will be representing their countries, so it really is a BIG deal.

The list just goes on and on.

Our goal is to help you get the best from yourself as well as from your kitchen. If you are a professional Chef, you will benefit from being shown, through video, the skills that are needed to be part of a team of professionals as well as running a busy kitchen.

You will be taught such things as:

How to gain and maintain a profitable kitchen.

How to use seasonal foods to cook and serve them to their greatest impact.

You will be taught lost kitchen arts that are a distant memory in Professional Catering Colleges of today.

How to present and dress your plate to achieve the WOW factor that many Michelin Star Chefs guard with their sharpest knives.

Plus Much Much More......

There is WAY too much to list. Just Know that if your a professional chef you WILL REALLY BENEFIT from being a member here!

 But what if your a fan of cooking at home?

No problem, we have you covered. We know that not everyone wants to be a professional cook or chef. So with that in mind we have included items on our site that are aimed at the amateur home cook who just wants to improve their culinary skills and create great food.

Well you are also Very Welcome!

We have a range of skills sets that we will be teaching as we move forward that will be of use to both the professional and the home cook. Everything from how to fillet fish, to how to make fresh puff pastry, and how to make the best of soups from scratch as well as, of course, ALL the major stocks and basic sauces that are used in the modern kitchen today.

Please remember to check back often, as the site is a continual work in progress. We update our content and videos weekly, as well as introduce more recipes and food articles. So if you have not already joined our mailing list, please do so to stay on top of all that we add here to the site!





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